How to make cold brew coffee?

August 01, 2020

Cold brew was one of the first brewing methods we tried when we started our coffee journey. It doesn’t require a ton of equipment and is super easy to do. 

The first thing to know is what exactly is cold brew. Simply put cold brew is the result of steeping coffee grounds in water-cold water- for long periods of time. The longer you let it sit the more flavor it gets extracted, but if you leave it for too long it can get over extracted. There are two basic ways to create cold brew: cold brew that is ready to drink and cold brew concentrate (needs to be diluted with water or milk before drinking). We will be talking about ready to drink cold brew but have also included a concentrated version at the bottom.

Just like any other brewing method grind size is very important. We have found that coarse grind works best for us, some people recommend extra coarse but in our experience the acids in the coffee are too prominent and the coffee tends to be under extracted. The second most important thing for this brewing method is time. This one requires patience. We have tried it for 12 hours, 18 hours and 24 hours. We prefer 24 hours but just like any other method try all 3, experiment and discover what your preference is. The last thing to remember but probably the most important is that coffee is primary water. Make sure you are using good filtered water for good tasting coffee. 

Follow these simple steps for a great tasting cold brew!

Ratio: 1:16
Coffee: 56 grams (2 oz) of Yeti Cold Brew
Grind size: Coarse
Time: 24 hours
Water Temperature: 907 grams (32 fl oz) water at room temperature or cold water
Jar or bottle (Glass is recommended)

- Measure coffee beans and grind to a coarse grind.
- If you are using a metal filter, place in jar or bottle at this time.
- Add coffee and water.
- Stir and store in refrigerator between 12-24 hrs.
- The longer the coffee steeps the stronger it will taste but after 24 hrs it will be over extracted.
-Strain coffee using a fine mesh, paper filter or if you used a metal filter, remove at this time.
- Enjoy! Store cold brew up to a week in refrigerator.


Concentrate version

Try a 1:4 ratio for a concentrate version. The process remains the same, but the ratio gets lower. That means that for the same 32 oz of water you should now use 8oz of coffee. When you are ready to drink it dilute with water to a 1: 2 ratio. (1 oz of concentrate per 2 oz of water. Add more water if too strong)

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