Our Story

To be completely honest, I didn't always enjoy drinking coffee. Coffee was the magic fuel that kept me going at the office but it was stale, burnt, and tasted terrible!

On weekends, I began visiting various coffee shops and experimenting with various brewing methods, roasts, and coffee from various regions. I quickly learned to recognize the distinct notes and which brewing methods were best for bringing out the flavors in the coffee. I was learning about the flavors of the world, one cup at a time. 

Coffee shops, on the other hand, did not always appear to be welcoming or inclusive, and knowledge appeared to be closely guarded. I noticed minorities and women were underrepresented in the coffee industry. The majority of coffee growers worldwide are people of color; women play an important role in harvesting and sorting coffee, but they are frequently excluded from decision-making positions or from becoming business owners. That is what inspired me to establish Scary Good Coffee.

Our commitment as a company is to provide a fuller coffee experience delivered to your home and to play a role in changing the representation of women, particularly women of color, in the coffee industry while making it more inclusive for all.


Bring fresh and complex coffee to everyone while increasing visibility for women of color in the coffee industry.


Nancy Alvarez